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The results are in! You wouldn't believe's 2024 Car of the Year! recently conducted their yearly assessment of all new cars available in Australia in 2024. After assessing nearly 400 new cars now available to Australians, their 2024 Drive Car of the Year was selected:

The Kia EV9 Air

Priced from $97,000, the Kia EV9 is a fully electric, seven-seat SUV that is catered towards practicality and functionality for families with its spacious interior, fast-charging capabilities, and limited energy usage. 

The EV9 is the first ever electric vehicle to win the Drive Car of the Year award, however this comes as no surprise as electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular due to increased functionality and technology and lower running costs. 

Although the Kia EV9 does not qualify for the Electric Car Discount, there is a wide range of other vehicles that qualify for the discount.

Read the full list of EVs available for the Electric Car Discount here.

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