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29 March 2022

What To Drive If You Can't Afford An EV

Electric vehicles are quickly gaining in popularity, especially with the recent spike in fuel prices, consumers interest in EVs and hybrid vehicles is at an all-time high.

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24 February 2022

What Will the Roads of the Future Look Like?

As the world moves towards an electric future, we are beginning to see a transformation on our roads.Europe are the leaders in a fully electric automotive futur…

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15 February 2022

10 Cars Launching in 2022 We're Most Excited About!

Buyer demand for new and used cars skyrocketed in 2021! With travelers opting for private and personal forms of transport to maintain a sense of safety, dealerships across Australia have order books filled with waitlists for certain models stretching out for months.

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11 February 2022

A Feature You Won't Find in Your Tesla

Tesla is known for the extensive and sometimes outlandish technological features available in their vehicles, from 'dog-mode' to the ability to watch a movie. There has been a lot of controversy surrounding one particular feature though, in-car gaming.

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28 October 2021

Tesla Hits A Trillion!

Tesla is well and truly the world’s most valuable car company after being valued at over $US1 trillion ($AU1.4 trillion). This puts it in the same league as f

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2 September 2021

What Are The Five Levels Of Autonomy In Your Novated Lease?

When looking to the future of driving, autonomous vehicles are one of the most popular topics. Despite this, there is still much confusion surrounding the fi

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30 July 2021

Self-Driving Ride-Shares Set To Launch This Year!

Ford and US ride-sharing service Lyft have teamed up to launch their new program to commercialise autonomous vehicles in an industry first collaboration. Und

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2 July 2021

Is An Electric Vehicle Worth Considering In 2021?

Since 2018, the proportion of Australians that would consider buying an electric vehicle has been around 50% according to the Electric Vehicle Council. It is

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31 May 2021

The Top 3 Most Sustainable Cars In 2021

It comes as no surprise that the top 3 most sustainable cars in 2021 are all electric vehicles. Sustainability has become a driving force when researching and d

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23 March 2021

The Latest Car Launch In Australia You Need To Know About

The latest all-electric auto brand, Polestar has announced their launch into the Australian car market set to happen this year. The Chinese-Swedish EV car b

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