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9 April 2024

Top 10 Most Popular Cars for 2023

The Results are in! Here are our 10 most popular cars customers chose for their novated lease in 2023!

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8 April 2024

EV Eligible Cars Update: 4 New Models To Know

The Electric Car Discount has proven successful in encouraging everyday Australians to switch to electric cars. Australia's National Automotive Leasing and Salary Packaging (NALSOA) show EVs account for 40% of all new novated leases.

With the increased demand in Australia for electric vehicles, manufacturers are releasing new models to cater for the market demand. Here are the 4 latest release electric vehicles that you must know about for your new novated lease:

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26 March 2024

Petrol vs Plug-in Hybrid: How You Can Take Advantage Of The Electric Car Discount

Discover the ultimate compromise: Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) in novated leasing. Even if you're wary of electric vehicles, PHEVs offer a game-changing solution. Benefit from the Electric Car Discount while driving with petrol. Unlock FBT exemption without sacrificing your preference. Don't miss this innovative opportunity to save while enjoying the best of both worlds!

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15 March 2024

How To Seamlessly Transition Your Novated Lease to an Electric Car

Novated Leasing with Remunerator is your most affordable way to transfer from your petrol or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle! So, how can you renew your current novated lease into an Electric Car?

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6 March 2024

Accelerate Your Savings with CUPRA's Latest Launch

Cupra, the Spanish-born automotive brand renowned for its commitment to pushing the boundaries, has unleashed a lineup of vehicles that are as bold and dynamic as they are practical and refined.

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4 March 2024

How to Save With 2024s Award Winning Cars

Buckle up as we embark on a journey through the intersection of automotive excellence and financial pragmatism, as we uncover the cost of owning's 2024 Cars of the Year on a novated lease.

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20 February 2024

The 2024 Drive Car of the Year

The results are in! You wouldn't believe's 2024 Car of the Year! recently conducted their yearly assessment of all new cars available in Australia in 2024. After assessing nearly 400 new cars now available to Australians, their 2024 Drive Car of the Year is...

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29 December 2023

5 Electric Cars Arriving In 2024 You Must Know About

2024 is gearing up to be the year we trade horsepower for kilowatts! Get ready as Australia braces itself for a fleet of EVs that are set to make petrol-heads skip a beat.

In a world where environmental consciousness meets the need for speed, the automotive juggernauts are pulling out all the plugs to a lineup of electric cars that will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about driving.

Here are the top 5 EVs launching in Australia in 2024 you must know about!

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16 October 2023

Maximizing the Benefits: How to Get the Most Out of Your Novated Lease

A novated lease can be a great way to get a vehicle, especially if you use it for both personal and work-related purposes. It allows you to finance and manage your car with pre-tax dollars, potentially saving you money.

To get the most our of your novated lease, here are some strategies for employees to optimize your experience.

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25 August 2023

What's The Difference Between Plug-In Hybrid and Regenerative Hybrid Cars?

Plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and regenerative hybrid are terms that are sometimes used interchangeably, but they refer to different aspects of hybrid technology. Let's clarify the differences.

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