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The existing car in your driveway may be the best opportunity for you to save money!

You can still save on GST by salary packaging your own car as an Associate Lease or Sale and Leaseback!

What is an Associate Lease?

An Associate Lease is an agreement where an associate of the employee (typically spouse or partner), leases an existing or replacement car to the employee's employer. The employer then provides the car to the employee via a pre-tax salary sacrifice arrangement.

This way you pay no GST on your cars running costs including fuel, maintenance, insurance, and repairs. Plus you make all the running cost payments from your pay before it is taxed, so more tax savings!

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How Does it Work?

Who can my associate be?

Your associate can be your spouse, partner, other relative, or family trust.

Does it work with all cars?

Yes! The older the car the better. This is because Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) is calculated on the market value of the car.

Following is an example of how the associate lease works. In this example the employee packages a $15,000 car travelling 20,000kms per year over a lease term of 3 years. Running costs of the vehicle are:

  • $800 registration
  • $1,400 insurance
  • $4,000 fuel
  • $1,500 services, repairs & maintenance

What is a Sale and Leaseback?

Are you in love with the car you already drive? A Sale and Leaseback is our solution for you!

A Sale and Leaseback is an arrangement that allows you to get the most of the value of you car and maximise on the depreciation.

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How Does it Work?

Remunerator's financier buys the car at an agreed value for cash into your pocket. You buy the car back on a novated lease giving you access to a range of benefits and savings.