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Electric vehicles are the clear future of the motoring industry with automotive manufacturers and governments across the globe set targets working towards a zero-emissions future. Experience all the benefits of a novated lease on your electric vehicle.

Benefits Of Novating An Electric Vehicle

There are many benefits to owning an electric vehicle including:

Reduced Running Costs

The cost to charge an electric vehicle compared with filling up a petrol or diesel car is slightly cheaper.

Servicing costs are also reduced due to the electric vehicles having fewer moving parts that do not wear out as easily over time. Servicing intervals are less frequent, generally at 12 months or 15,000kms.

Reduced Emissions

The manufacturing processes and materials that make electric cars are generally sourced in a more environmental manner than their petrol counterparts.

More, when running an electric vehicle, in terms of recharging and driving, carbon dioxide emissions are significantly reduced in comparison to petrol and diesel cars.

How Do I Novate An Electric Car?

Driving an electric car on a novated lease undergoes the same process as novating a petrol or diesel car:

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