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Remunerator's Salary Packaging Program will help you save on your expenses throughout the year using pre-tax salary income to pay for your everyday expenses. 

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What is Salary Packaging?

Salary Packaging is a tax effective way to receive your salary as a combination of income and benefits.

Salary packaging is a Tax Office approved way of reducing your income tax, allowing you to deduct some of your pre-tax salary income and use it to pay for benefits. By reducing pre-tax income, you can reduce the amount of income tax you pay and increase the money in your take home pay.

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Why Should I Salary Package?

The aim of salary packaging is the legitimately pay less tax and take home more pay!

Salary packaging allows you to pay for items that you have to pay for anyway, but in pre-tax salary. Depending on what you are salary packaging, fringe benefits tax (FBT), may not apply. The option of having a small fringe benefit provided instead of the equivalent amount of cash salary is an attractive proposition.

There are many benefits to both employers and employees that are gained by salary packaging including:

  1. Employee's reduce their taxable income as salary packaging and novated leasing is paid for out of an employee's gross salary, their taxable income is reduced.
  2. Employer's save on payroll tax, as employee's taxable income is reduced, so too is the employer's payroll tax amount. The more employee's who salary package, the greater the savings for the employer!

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Salary Packaging FAQs

Here are some helpful answers to our most frequently asked questions.