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If you’ve been putting off taking your car in for its routine service, it’s encouraged to take advantage of the quieter workshops during the COVID-19 lockdowns. If it normally takes weeks to book your car in for a routine service, you can now make an appointment much more easily.

Traffic has slowed down in the past few weeks within service centres. As they are an “essential service”, they remain open to carry out repairs, recalls and warranty fixes for emergency vehicles, essential service fleets and work cars.

All dealerships, showrooms and service centres across Australia have adopted social distancing and sterilisation processes. If you want more detailed information regarding the new measures put in place due to COVID-19, we recommend calling the dealership or service centre itself.

Some brands are also now offering a free pick-up and drop-off service and supply a loan car for the duration of the service. In addition, owners’ cars will be thoroughly cleaned after a scheduled service.

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) have been very proactive in advising the automotive industry on how to maintain high levels of hygiene when working on customers cars. This includes advising businesses to wipe down contact points on cars with anti-germ wipes before and after working on them. Popular contact points include door handles, steering wheels, gear knobs and bonnet latches.

Keeping up to date with your servicing schedule is essential for those with new cars that still have a manufacturer’s warranty to avoid any doubt.

It’s very important to keep your car maintained to save you from getting caught off-guard with small problems becoming bigger issues in the long term. During this uncertain time ensuring your car’s performance and reliability is a must.