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Are you the type of person that likes to own their cars for a long time or just likes to keep their cars in top shape? We have compiled a list of tips for how to give your car the little extra TLC it needs to help increase its value when you sell it.

Park in the Garage

Many people have a garage but don’t use it to park their cars! Parking your car in the garage protects your car from the sun bleaching the interiors and the inside heating up on sunny days. Avoid parking under a tree as tree sap and bird droppings can damage the paint.

Have Your Car Serviced

By following the manufacturers recommended service schedule, this ensures your car’s engine is maintained and the systems are all working properly. Also, don’t ignore those odd noises! The problem will not go away if you just ignore it, in fact they have a habit of turning into bigger ones. Also keep a logbook of when your car has been serviced. A detailed service history gives buyers confidence that the vehicle has been properly cared for. This confidence can result in buyers more willing to pay a higher price.

Wash Your Car

It’s a simple, effective and affordable way to care for your car. By washing your car regularly (including polishing it) protects the paint and prevents rust from setting in.

Keep An Eye On The Kilometers

The higher the kilometer reading on the car, the lower the resale value of your vehicle. Consider your use of the car and the distance you will require it to travel. Certain kilometer points require major services (around every 3 years or 30,000 kms). If you sell your car right before one of these, take this and associated costs into account when selling your car.

Don't Smoke in Your Car

Smoking in your car is a massive no, no. The smoke smell lingers on seats, headlining, fabric and air filters. As there is no set way to remove the smell, many people will go out of their way to avoid these cars.

Take Care of Scratches and Dents

Ideally avoid these at all costs. However, wear and tear on your car like scratches and small dings are standard for used cars, however they are very significant when it comes to selling your car. Take car of each of these as they occur as your hip pocket will thank you when you sell your car.

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