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29 March 2022

Here's What to Expect from The Used Car Market

As the semi-conductor shortage worsens, pushing out new car deliveries to up to 18 months for certain models, car buyers have been flocking to the used car market.

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24 February 2022

Federal Government Makes COVID-19 PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests Exempt From FBT

The federal government have announced that COVID-19 tests will be exempt from fringe benefits tax (FBT) where they are purchased for work-related purposes.

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26 October 2020

When Is The Best Time To Buy Your New Car?

There are certain times within the year that car dealers offer extra savings on their cars to make stock move faster. The two biggest sales are the Plate Cleara

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21 September 2020

Used Car Pricing Is At An All Time High!

Is it time to sell or trade in? Australian trams, trains and planes are being abandoned as people try to avoid catching COVID-19. As people become uncomforta

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24 August 2020

What You Can And Can’t Do With Your Novated Lease In Lock-Down

Driving in 2020 is very different to what we’re used to. COVID-19 restrictions have caused a lot of confusion among drivers. As new driving restrictions an

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22 July 2020

Remunerator Contactless Car Delivery Helps You Buy Your New Car Safely

New-car showrooms and service centres are still open! Contactless services are becoming the new norm. Many new car buyers are questioning how this translates

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15 July 2020

Introducing Remunerator Webinars

We’re proud to announce the launch of our exciting new webinar platform. Through this platform, we aim to provide our clients and customers informative and en

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6 May 2020

It’s A Great Time To Novate An E-Bike!

If you’ve been thinking about buying an e-bike, now is the time to go ahead and finally get it! COVID-19 has changed the way we are travelling, especially

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24 April 2020

Salary Packaging For Not-For-Profit Employers During Covid-19

As part of Remunerator’s Salary Packaging Program, employees are able to salary package meal entertainment expenses up to a maximum capped amount of $2,650 pe

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17 April 2020

It's The Perfect Time To Have Your Novated Lease Serviced

If you’ve been putting off taking your car in for its routine service, it’s encouraged to take advantage of the quieter workshops during the COVID-19 lockdo

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