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As Australian’s start to return to the office, many Australian’s are changing the way they commute to a transport mode that gives them control over their environment. 

While each state government assures us that public transport is cleaned thoroughly and regularly, there is still a level of paranoia that surrounds commuters as to how safe it is to use them. Here are some alternative commute options to public transport:

Run or Walk

This method is reserved for those that live a comfortable running or walking distance from the office. Running or walking presents a great opportunity to get exercise in, especially considering restrictions in gyms currently. 

Another great perk is that you can avoid the squishy and busy insides of the trains, trams and buses.

Bike Ride

With so many great bike dedicated lanes and routes being created in cities, biking to work is a no brainer. It’s another great way to get in your daily exercise and avoid public transport. 

E-biking is another great option for your commute – bonus it’s no sweat exercise! With Remunerator you can even save while you travel to work by novating your e-bike! For more information visit here.

A Personal Driver

This is a pricey option but not unheard of. It provides a great opportunity for you to work on your laptop or just relax on the way to work. It’s also very convenient by offering door to door service from your home to office.

Commute by Car

This option is by far the most comfortable, you can travel in your own bubble to work. You can enjoy your favourite playlist and car that might spend most of the week in a garage or on the street. Be sure to research parking options before you start your commute though to avoid any delays! 

It might be time for you update and upgrade your car to one that perfectly suits your new driving needs. In fact, personal car ownership is expected to rise as a result of the pandemic.

With Remunerator you can save thousands on the purchase and running costs of your new car! You can even save on your carparking costs. If you want to save on the price of your new car, talk to one of our Novated Leasing specialists today on 1800 501 703 or email us at