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24 February 2022

Federal Government Makes COVID-19 PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests Exempt From FBT

The federal government have announced that COVID-19 tests will be exempt from fringe benefits tax (FBT) where they are purchased for work-related purposes.

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31 May 2021

What Happens At The End Of My Novated Lease?

Are you wondering ‘what happens now?’ when your lease comes to an end? You are not alone in this train of thought, and our novated leasing specialists ar

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23 March 2021

Top 6 Common Novated Leasing Myths Debunked

Novated Leasing programs are proven to boost business, culture and staff morale. However, there are misconceptions around novated leases that may affect you

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16 December 2020

6 Reasons Why Novated Leasing Will Boost Your Business

1. Save on payroll tax Novated leasing reduces an employee’s total taxable income; therefore, you will be paying less money in payroll tax! Your employees

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20 November 2020

What Will Your Post Covid Work Commute Look Like?

As Australian’s start to return to the office, many Australian’s are changing the way they commute to a transport mode that gives them control over their en

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24 August 2020

How To Save On Your Partner's Car

Did you know your partner can benefit from the car you already own? Over 50% of Australian households have more than one car (ABS Census 2016) and this numbe

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15 July 2020

Introducing Remunerator Webinars

We’re proud to announce the launch of our exciting new webinar platform. Through this platform, we aim to provide our clients and customers informative and en

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6 May 2020

It’s A Great Time To Novate An E-Bike!

If you’ve been thinking about buying an e-bike, now is the time to go ahead and finally get it! COVID-19 has changed the way we are travelling, especially

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24 April 2020

Salary Packaging For Not-For-Profit Employers During Covid-19

As part of Remunerator’s Salary Packaging Program, employees are able to salary package meal entertainment expenses up to a maximum capped amount of $2,650 pe

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14 April 2020

What Types Of Vehicles Can I Get On A Novated Lease?

What types of vehicles can I get on a novated lease? You can get a novated lease on any car you want as long as it’s eligible for a novated lease. Novated lea

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