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31 January 2024

Can I Drive My Current Car On a Novated Lease?

You can save on your current car! One of our most frequently asked questions from our customers. The existing car in your driveway may be the best opportunity for you to drive on a novated lease and enjoy the benefits!

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29 December 2023

How to Achieve Budget Brilliance: Used Car Leasing

Can you really enjoy the budget brilliance of a novated lease while cruising in a used car?


Say hello to the world of novated leasing for used cars, where budget meets brilliance.

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23 October 2023

Choose The Right Car for Novated Leasing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Remunerator are here to help guide you through your step-by-step process that ensures your new car is not only a budget-friendly choice, but also perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and preferences.

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16 October 2023

Maximizing the Benefits: How to Get the Most Out of Your Novated Lease

A novated lease can be a great way to get a vehicle, especially if you use it for both personal and work-related purposes. It allows you to finance and manage your car with pre-tax dollars, potentially saving you money.

To get the most our of your novated lease, here are some strategies for employees to optimize your experience.

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24 August 2023

5 Strategies to Foster Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace

Financial Wellbeing and helping employees feel confident about your financial future is key to an engaging and motivated workplace.

Here are 5 strategies to help foster financial wellbeing in your workplace!

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26 June 2023

Used Car Supply Surge & Price Drop!

Great news for everyone entering the used car market... used car pricing has dropped for the first time since the pandemic!

June reports show dealer used cars are now 3.4% cheaper compared to this time last year. This officially marks the first year-on-year decline in the first three years.

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18 May 2023

The Only EOFY Car Buying Tips You Need

It's that time of year again... the End of Financial Year (EOFY) is approaching, and with it comes an opportunity for Australians to snag a great deal on a new car.

Whether you're looking for a brand-new vehicle or a used one, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you get the best possible price.

Buckle up and get ready for the EOFY, here are the only EOFY car buying tips you need.

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25 March 2023

How Does Salary Packaging Help Combat Inflation?

Salary packaging can help reduce the effects of inflation in several ways.

Salary packaging is a financial arrangement where an employee can allocate a portion of their pre-tax salary towards certain expenses such as a novated lease, superannuation, and many other benefits. By doing so, the employee's taxable income is reduced, which can result in lower income tax payments and an increase in disposable income.

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22 February 2023

5 Tips to Maximize Your Electric or Hybrid Car Driving Range

As electric cars become more popular, one of the most common concerns among potential buyers is the driving range, coined range anxiety. Fortunately, there are several ways to maximize your electric cars driving range and use of your car!

Here are our top 5 tips to maximize your electric or hybrid cars driving range.

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22 February 2023

Used Car Prices Are Dropping!

Good news for those looking to find their 'new' car in the used car market! Used car prices have fallen around 12% since May and this trend is expected to continue during 2023.

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