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As the world moves towards an electric future, we are beginning to see a transformation on our roads.

Europe are the leaders in a fully electric automotive future, with the European Union proposing an effective ban on new petrol and diesel cars from 2035. This in an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and combat global warming.

Cities across Europe have identified their own measures to encourage EV sales. Brussel's has proposed legislation that would see public charging points within 60km apart on major roads by 2025.

London currently has a Congestion Charge in effect in Central London, which charges £15 for each non-exempt vehicle driven within the zone. Electric vehicles are exempt from this charge within the zone to help make driving an EV more attractive.

In response, most car manufacturers have announced their plans of an electrified fleet and plans to invest in sustainable motoring for the future.

With no local manufacturing, Australia follows the European standards for car industry innovation. Though our adoption of EVs has been at a much slower rate, we are seeing more and more drivers opting for electric cars.

In Australia, where we have a less-densely populated society, there is a focus on offering fast-charging stations. Fast charging seeing EV charging and hydrogen pumps that offer 15-minute top ups.

These fast chargers target EV drivers travelling longer distances, those who don't own home chargers, and commercial vehicles travelling many kilometers.

As charging an electric car takes longer than filing up a petrol vehicle, drivers will be at petrol stations anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. There is a demand to offer experiences to entertain the driver while their vehicle is charging.

The standard fuel station entertainment options have been suggested such as food offerings with restaurants. However, the extended time offers the opportunity for more exciting entertainment options, like a gym for drivers to get a quick workout in!

South Australia is leading the charge in Australia for the adoption of a state-wide rapid electric vehicle charging network.

The South Australian government has just awarded the RAA, an Australian motoring organisation, a $12.4 million grant to roll out a state-wide charging network. This network will be comprised of 140 electric charging sites offering 536 fast and rapid charging points to South Australian motorists.

Steven Marshall, the SA premier, announced "this plan will make electric vehicles the first choice for someone buying a new car by 2030 with the environmental and economic benefits that brings to South Australia."

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