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Electric vehicles are quickly gaining in popularity, especially with the recent spike in fuel prices, consumers interest in EVs and hybrid vehicles is at an all-time high.

However, electric vehicles are still in the relative early stages of their development and while manufacturers fine tune their technology, the price tags attached to the vehicles are considerably higher than their petrol equivalents.

Unfortunately, this means that electric vehicles are out of budget for many Australian buyers.

A hybrid vehicle could be the solution for you.

Hybrid vehicles are no new idea. In fact, hybrid vehicles have been around since 1899 when Ferdinand Porsche developed a car that used an electric motor in each wheel and petrol engine to power the vehicle.

Since then, the technology has improved significantly and seeing a hybrid vehicle on the road is very common with over 17-million sold globally since 1997.

What Are The Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles?

A hybrid vehicle is an effective solution for those who want to reduce their emissions and fuel usage but still hesitant to go fully electric.

They're Better For The Environment

With the use of electric power, the car doesn't require as much petrol (in comparison to a fully combustion engine) and therefore, reduced emissions.

They're More Economical To Run

The cost of electricity is more affordable than the cost of petrol. More, with the improved fuel consumption, you'll find yourself visiting the petrol station less.

Experience Increased Performance

The combined use of an electric motor and petrol engine improves the performance of your vehicle as you have two power sources driving the engine.

What Are The Types of Hybrid Vehicles?

There are a few different types of hybrid vehicles available today. Here's what you need to know about each hybrid vehicle variant:

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles are predominantly electric vehicles with a petrol-powered combustion engine that kicks in when the battery runs out of charge, extending the cars range. As the name suggests, to charge the battery you must plug in the vehicle to a charger.

Hybrid cars also have both an electric-motor and battery that work together to power the vehicle. These vehicles however do not need to be plugged in to recharge the battery, instead a technology called 'regenerative braking' is used whereby you charge the battery while driving it.

A mild hybrid also contains an electric battery and petrol-powered combustion engine, however their main difference from this model and others is the car cannot be powered by the electric battery alone.

If you're interested in driving a hybrid vehicle on a novated lease, talk to our novated leasing specialists today!