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With iceberg lettuce reaching as high as $12 and fuel costing $2/litre, planning (and sticking to) a budget is crucial. With inflation rates on the rise, Australians are feeling the pressure of the cost of everyday living.

Often considered the second biggest purchase in one's life, buying and owning a car us a necessity for many Australians. Finding ways to save on a car purchase is more important now than ever.

Typically, car buyers turn to the used car market to find a 'new' car at a more affordable price. However, with used car pricing at an all-time high, car buyers are finding used models costing as much (or more) than new cars!

Remunerator are here to help you reduce and effectively manage your everyday car expenses, while also saving more money on a novated lease.

Car ownership is an ongoing cost in your life. In addition to the initial car purchase price, drivers need to account for fuel, insurance, servicing, maintenance, registration, and tyres costs. Effective budgeting for these expenses takes the stress out of unexpected bills!

A novated lease is the most tax-effective way to buy and run our next car.

What is a Novated Lease?

In a nutshell, a novated lease is an easy way to make major savings when buying your new car without doing any work.

It is a three-way agreement between you, your employer, and the financier administered by Remunerator to pay for your new car and it's running costs using your pre-tax salary. By reducing pre-tax income, you can reduce the amount of income tax you pay and increase the money in your take-home pay.

How Does a Novated Lease Help My Budget?

Remunerator work with you to set annual budgets for these running costs then bundle them into one regular repayment. This repayment comes out of your pay before income tax is applied, meaning you also make income tax savings with a new car!

Immediate savings are made on the purchase price of your new car as you don't pay GST* on the purchase price of your new car on it's running costs.

Further savings are made when you source your new car with Remunerator. After 30 years in business, we've developed relationships with dealerships across Australia giving you access to discounts on new cars not available to the public.

You'll continue to save throughout the life of the lease too!

A key benefit of a novated lease is you don't pay GST on the running costs of your new car! That means next time you're at the service station, you'll experience immediate savings.

In addition to this, as you pa for your car running cost expenses with pre-tax income you will experience further savings!

Ready to start saving on your next car now?

Talk to our novated leasing specialists today and request a quote to learn how much you can save!

*Up to $5,521.25 GST savings.