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29 March 2022

Here's What to Expect from The Used Car Market

As the semi-conductor shortage worsens, pushing out new car deliveries to up to 18 months for certain models, car buyers have been flocking to the used car market.

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28 October 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Car

The used car market is booming right now and used car prices are soaring! After managing the sale of thousands of vehicles over the past 30 years, we’ve got a

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31 August 2021

Five Ways To Minimise Your Cars Depreciation

Car depreciation is unavoidable. With wear, tear, and age it's inevitable that your car is going to lose value. While it's impossible to predict the true dep

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30 July 2021

Top 5 Biggest Car-Buying Mistakes To Avoid

Even for the most seasoned driver, car-buying can be a stressful experience. From deciding on what car you want to negotiating a price with the dealer, there ar

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1 July 2021

5 Advantages To Novating A Used Car

A used car is a great way to buy your dream car at an affordable price! Sometimes buying a used car is more economical and beneficial than buying a new car.

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15 June 2021

How To Novate A Used Car

A common misconception of a novated lease is the belief that the car financed must be new. In fact, one of our most frequently asked questions is “Can I g

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26 October 2020

Top 6 Tips To Consider When Selling Your Novated Lease

Are you ready to sell and upgrade your current car? With used car pricing at an all-time high it’s something worth considering! There are two routes to con

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7 October 2020

The Most Valuable Novated Leases To Ever Exist!

Becoming a collector of high-end classic cars is a niche investment that has the potential to offer significant returns. Owning a classic car should be about th

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21 September 2020

Thinking Of Buying Your Novated Lease Interstate?

Here’s what you need to know. Buying a car from a different state is possible and has many benefits! However, there are some extra things to consider and u

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21 September 2020

Used Car Pricing Is At An All Time High!

Is it time to sell or trade in? Australian trams, trains and planes are being abandoned as people try to avoid catching COVID-19. As people become uncomforta

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