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29 March 2022

Here's What to Expect from The Used Car Market

As the semi-conductor shortage worsens, pushing out new car deliveries to up to 18 months for certain models, car buyers have been flocking to the used car market.

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12 February 2022

Toyota Faces Production Cuts... Again

Toyota new car buyers are facing more delays as the Japanese car giant has announced it will cut global production again by roughly 15% or 150,000 vehicles.

Once again, the production cuts have been attributed to the ongoing semi-conductor shortage. Toyota buyers experienced a brief reprieve during November and December when production was increased.

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12 February 2022

What Car Can I Buy Right Now?

If you're currently looking for a new car, you'll be all too aware of the limited car availability as a result of the global semi-conductor shortage.

Many new car buyers have been faced with extended car delivery times on their favourite models.

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28 October 2021

Top 5 Tips To The 2021 Plate Clearance Sales

The plate clearance sales running from November through to January is generally the best time to buy your new car. However, this year due to the ongoing global

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30 July 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your New Car Now

If you’re in the market for a new car, chances are you’ve heard about the severe shortage of new cars. The current advice from the Australian Automotive

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29 July 2020

Would You Buy Your Novated Lease Online?

Online shopping is the new norm, with many consumers preferring to shop on their smart device over an in-store experience. Clothing and electronics are prob

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