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The plate clearance sales running from November through to January is generally the best time to buy your new car. However, this year due to the ongoing global stock shortages finding a great plate clearance deal is going to be harder… but not impossible. Here are our top 5 tips to finding yourself a great deal during the plate clearance sales.

Research… and lots of it!

Have a clear understanding of what car would suit your lifestyle, is it the shiny new sportscar or family friendly SUV?

Know the specifics about your new car. Is it due for an update or even remake soon? This will come in handy when negotiating yourself the best deal!

If you haven’t already started looking, start now.

There is very limited stock in dealerships now due to the ongoing global semiconductor shortage. For more information on this issue, read our article explaining what’s happening.

This means that you will have to look harder and rely on more then just visiting your local dealership for your new car. Even expanding your search to other states will help you find more cars available.

If you don’t have the time to do this search, Remunerator have launched our ‘In-Stock Vehicles Program’ with thousands of cars available now from our Australia-wide dealership network. For more information on this, talk to our novated leasing specialists today!

Check the build date of the car.

All current year plated stock will be discounted as it is considered ‘old stock’ and must be cleared to make way for newer 2022 built vehicles.

Typically, dealers are incentivized to sell older models before newer ones. This year will pan out differently as many new car buyers are prioritizing availability over price. Therefore, current stock may not be discounted as heavily.

This will be subject to the specific make and model of the car though; our friendly novated leasing specialists are happy to guide you through this car buying process.

Be prepared to compromise.

The car that is on the dealership floor is the car you’ll get the best plate clearance deal on.

Be prepared to compromise on your new car. That is, if the dealer only has a white car available and you prefer a black car, you must consider the extra costs and wait time associated with ordering in the black car.

Drive your new car on a Remunerator Novated Lease!

A novated lease instantly saves you 10% off the purchase price of your car! You do not need to pay GST on the purchase of your new car*.

Purchasing your new car through Remunerator will save you further on your new car as we offer exclusive access to heavily discounted fleet pricing.

A novated lease will also save you on the running costs of your new car as you also do not need to pay GST on these!

Are you ready to find your new car during the plate clearance sales? Get in touch with our novated leasing specialists today on 1800 501 703 or email

Do you already have a car in mind? Request a quote today here!