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Save On Your Personal Expenses

Insurances, school fees and travel expenses are just a few examples of the benefits which you can package. These benefits may have GST payable or be GST free.

Other personal expenses can form part or your entire threshold amount for General Expenses.

Your employer may allow you to package 'Other Personal Expenses' up to the threshold limit of your industry sector per FBT year.

Start Saving

GST Free Other Personal Expenses

  • Ambulance subscription
  • External child care
  • Motor vehicle registration as general expense
  • Personal loan repayments
  • Private health insurance
  • School fees/HECS (Can include expenses you incur in educating family members including boarding fees or tertiary education fees).

Other Personal Expenses With GST

  • Gym membership, or other registered sporting club such as sporting/leisure center, golf)
  • Home and contents insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Motor vehicle expenses (servicing, repairs, and maintenance)
  • Motor vehicle insurance as general expenses
  • Private travel
  • Public transport


To Package This Benefit

Substantiation on Application to Package:

Note: The following personal expense benefit requires substantiation to package the benefit - External Child Care

Evidence Required

External child care: Child minder/nanny must be state enrolled and must provide in writing the child minder/child care provider number

Payment Options: