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Your rent payments for your own home can be included in your salary package up to the threshold limit (capped) for your industry sector, per FBT year.

How it Works

Rental payments can form part or your entire threshold amount for General Expenses per fringe benefits tax (FBT) year.

The FBT year begins 1st April and runs to 31st March each year. Employees beginning their package part way through an FBT year can still access their entire threshold.

The lease arrangement does not have to be solely in your own name.

Where the payment is not made directly to the loan account the amount specified cannot exceed the loan repayment amount.

Rental repayments can be paid directly to your landlord or real estate agent.

Start Saving

To Package This Benefit


You must substantiate your entitlement to package rent.

Evidence Required

  1. A copy of the rental agreement or
  2. A Statutory Declaration
  3. Notice from landlord with bank account details (if payment to be made direct).

Payment Options: