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You are entitled to salary package entertainment expenses up to $2,650 per FBT year (from 1st April) over and above the General Expense threshold limit for your industry sector.

Save On Your Entertainment Expenses

Package Requirements

Entertainment can only be claimed if you are the person that paid for the meal or venue accommodation and no amount has been reimbursed from another source. i.e. each person paying their share.

Types Of Expenses You Can Claim:

  • Any restaurant meals/alcohol consumed on the restaurant premises including hotels & cafes;
  • The catering costs to a professional firm or reception center the sole or dominant purpose is the consumption of food and drink;
  • Takeaway meals where the business has dine-in facilities;
  • Meals whilst on holiday

Expenses that are typically excluded:

  • Purchases from supermarkets, grocery food stores & bottle shops
  • Snack foods
  • Theatre/movie tickets
  • Drinks only, where there is no meal consumed
  • Equipment or seating hire

Entertainment cannot be claimed where it has otherwise reimbursed from another source. You will need to either reduce these amounts from your credit card claim or pay the Meal Entertainment benefit by cash.

Note: This is regularly audited by the ATO to ensure there is no 'double-dipping'.

Start Saving

How To Claim

Follow these steps when submitting Meal Entertainment claims:

  1. Submit your claim online
    • Login to your package here
    • Complete the online form
    • Enter the amount being claimed (excluding any tips)
    • If using a mobile device, enter one receipt at a time (take a photo of each receipt and submit)
    • If using a PC, upload a PDF document containing copies of your scanned receipts
  2. Receipts i.e. copies of original receipts or tax invoices showing:
    • Name of restaurant
    • Amount
    • Date
    • Credit card statements are unacceptable

Important Note

  • Tax invoice is required unless the individual claim is less than $82.50. Eftpos receipts are not acceptable.
  • Receipts in a foreign currency will not be accepted. If receipts are not in Australian currency, please provide evidence of the exchange rate and convert the amount into Australian dollars or provide a bank or internet statement showing the converted amount.
  • Originals only or scanned copies or photos when submitting online.


Payment: Reimbursement to Bank Account

Remunerator needs to be provided with invoices or receipts before amounts can be paid to your nominated account.

Submit You Claims For Reimbursement

  • Login to your statements area or submit your claims online, together with required substantiation

Evidence Required

  • Invoices or receipts at the time of each claim (during your package); or
  • Invoices or receipts up to 12 months old can be provided with your application.