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How it Works

Your credit card repayments are considered a personal expense and can be included in your salary package up-to your industry sector's threshold limit per FBT year.

Credit card repayments can form part of your entire threshold amount for the General Expense category.

Expenses paid on the credit card that are claimed elsewhere cannot typically be included in a salary package. Example: self education expenses, claimed on tax return.

Start Saving


Payment: Reimbursement to Bank Account

Remunerator needs to be provided with credit card statements before amounts can be paid to your nominated account.

Statements may be sent on submitting your claim for reimbursement during the course of you package or credit card statements up to 12 months old can be provided with your application.

To Submit Your Claims:

Login to your statements area and submit your claims online, together with required substantiation.

Evidence Required

Credit card statements

  • Copy of statements to be provided on applying to package this benefit if you package credit card payments for statements up to 12 months old only.