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Save While Parking at Work

Car parking fees, where the service is provided on your employer's business premises is eligible to be salary packaged. These expenses are totally exempt from FBT.

In the Health and Charities sector this means it can be packaged in addition to the threshold (capped) amount for your sector, tax free!

Start Saving

How It Works

When paying for on-site car parking using pre-tax salary, your taxable income will reduce, thus resulting in you paying less income tax. In addition, you may not have to pay GST for this benefit. Where GST is payable for the service, your employer is able to claim an Input Tax Credit (ITC) - GST refund. This ITC may then be passed back to you, the employee.

Important Note

Work related items that are salary packaged, cannot be claimed as an income deduction as well.

On-site car parking is not valid for Victorian employees.

Package Requirements

Expenses are not included as part of the capped salary packaging threshold amount if you work in the health and charities sector.

Remunerator's reimbursement method or payments direct to the service provider are possible when salary packaging this benefit.


Payment Options