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Pay for your airport lounge membership feed with your pre-tax salary. Next time you travel, sit back and relax knowing you saved on your airport lounge membership fees. You may not have to pay GST for this benefit.

Save While You Travel

All your airport lounge membership fees can be packaged. You are entitled to join an unlimited number of airline lounges of your choice.

Package Requirements

Airport lounge memberships are exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

In addition, you may not have to pay GST for this benefit. Where GST is payable for the service, your employer is able to claim an Input Tax Credit (ITC). This ITC may then be passed back to you, the employee.

Important Note

Items that are salary packaged, such as airport lounge memberships cannot be claimed as an income deduction as well.

Start Saving


Payment Option

Reimbursement to Bank Account

  • Login to your statements area and submit your claims online, together with required substantiation

Evidence Required

  • Attach invoices or receipts with your reimbursement claim