Salary Packaging

Getting Started

What is Salary Packaging

Salary packaging allows you to pay for your personal expenses from your pre-tax income, resulting in savings. Yes this is fully endorsed by the ATO.

You can also save on the purchase of a new cars, whilst  saving your Employer money on payroll tax by packaging a Novated Lease.


Getting started

1. Does your Employer allow Salary Packaging?

Contact your HR Department who can provide information about your specific Salary Packaging Policy and the benefits you are able to salary package. OR, call us on 1300 654 834 or Contact Us Online.


2. What shall I package?

If you are eligible to package, check out the benefits you may be able to include in your salary package and the documentation you need to substantiate them if required. The benefits you can include will depend on whether your Employer is a Corporate, a Health or Charity organisation or a School, University or Union ie a 'Rebate Employer'. 


3. What savings will I make?

Use the Salary Packaging Calculator to assess where savings work best for you.

To salary package a Motor Vehicle, Get a Quote using our Novated Lease Calculator.


4. Get advice and understand your options

It is always a good idea to seek Independent Financial Advice from a Financial Adviser to discuss your own unique financial situation and your options.


5. Apply to Remunerator to Salary Package

Apply Online is simple using our Online tool. Add your benefits, complete personal details, upload your supporting documentation to substantiate the benefits if required and Submit. 


6. How Do I Manage My Online Application?  

You will receive an email confirming your application to salary package. This email provides you with an application number eg SP000057,  and a link to directly access your application. Retain your email for future reference.

To login to your application:

  • Click on the link in your email or;
  • Login via our website, selecting ' Login Here to manage your Salary Packaging application'.

Enter your application number and your email address. It is as simple as that.

Once logged in you may:

  • Change any personal information entered.
  • Provide additional information such as bank details.
  • Upload any substantiation documents that you may not have had on hand when you submitted your application.

Contact Remunerator on 1300 654 834, if you have problems applying or accessing your application online.

Contact Us using our online form or try our online chat service by clicking on any blue Live Chat button on the website. Our Salary Packaging Specialists can very quickly assist you with all aspects of salary packaging.