Salary Packaging

Relocation Relocation

You can salary package expenses incurred as a result of relocation, if the relocation is solely due to gaining employment with your Employer or relocating to a new work location, per your Employer’s policy.

You can salary package :

  • Removal and storage of household effects

  • Expenses relating to the sale or acquisition of a house

  • Engagement of a relocation consultant

  • Transport as a result of relocation

Important Note:

You should check with your Employer whether you are entitled to claim Relocation expenses and the conditions under your Employer's policy.

Package Requirements

Relocation is exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).

Expenses will be refunded via the reimbursement method.

Process and Payment Options

Select Relocation, the amount you would like to package and your payment option - Reimbursement To (Your Nominated) Bank Account.