Salary Packaging

iPad / Tablet / Laptop iPad / Tablet / Laptop

Each FBT year the cost of one iPad / Tablet /  Laptop computer can be included in your salary package if it is primarily for use in your employment AND forms part of your Employer's Salary Packaging Policy. You may not have to pay GST for this benefit.

This benefit item is exempt from Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT).  In the Health and Charities sector this means the benefit may be packaged in addition to the threshold (capped) amount for your Sector, tax free.

When paying for an iPad / Tablet /  Laptop computer using pre-tax salary, your taxable income will reduce, thus resulting in you paying less income tax.

Important Note 

  • Items that are salary packaged, cannot be claimed as an income deduction as well.
  • By packaging this item, you agree that the 'Portable Electronic Device' was primarily for use in your employment.

iPad / Tablet / Laptop Policy Guidelines

  • The iPadl/ Tablet / Laptop can include built-in internals (modem, fax) and preloaded software forming part of the basic Operating System.
  • Only software included in the cost of the iPad / Tablet / Laptop / notebook can be packaged. Separate or subsequent software purchases may not be included within the salary package.

The following may  not be included:

  • Additional peripherals, including, but not limited to;
  •       carry case, mouse, printer
  •       additional software
  •       batteries
  •       freight
  •       training/support costs.
  • Repairs and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance service packages
  • Extended warranties attracting a separate charge.


Package Requirements

In accordance with ATO legislation, when packaging this item the following rules must be adhered to:

  • It must be used primarily for work purposes. Primary use for work related study is eligible.
  • Only one laptop computer may be packaged within any FBT year (1st April – 31 March).
  • Only one iPad / Tablet may be packaged within any FBT year (1st April – 31 March).
  • When using the reimbursement method (refer below), a copy of the Tax Invoice must be supplied to Remunerator.
  • The FBT exemption does not apply to computer accessories such as printers, external modems & software.

The iPad / Tablet /  Laptop computer benefit will not give rise as a Reportable Fringe Benefit Amount of your annual Payment Summary.

You may not have to pay GST for this benefit. Where GST is payable for the service, your employer is able to claim an Input tax Credit (ITC) – GST refund. This ITC may then be passed back to you, the employee.

This benefit is generally packaged once the expense is incurred.

If you choose to purchase an iPad / Tablet / Laptop computer using your own funds (eg. cash, personal credit card, loan or financing) you are able to be reimbursed for this expense out of your gross salary, pre-tax.

If you would like to be reimbursed for this expense for a period of less than 12 months, you will be required to specify the number of pay periods you would like your package to run for, when applying to pakage the benefit.

Process and Payment Options

Select iPad / Tablet / Laptop, the amount you would like to package and your preferred packaging / payment option, PLUS the number of pays you wish to package this benefit over.


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