Salary Packaging

Credit Card Repayments Credit Card Repayments

Your credit card repayments are considered a personal expense and can be included in your salary package up-to your Industry Sector's threshold limit, per fringe benefits tax (FBT) year.

Package Requirements

  • Credit Card repayments can form part or your entire threshold amount for the General Expenses category. The total cap for all combined General Expense categories is {threshold_amount} per FBT year.
  • The FBT Year begins 1st April and runs to 31st March each year. Employees beginning their package part way through an FBT year can still access their entire threshold.
  • Expenses paid on the credit card that are claimed elsewhere cannot typically be included in a salary package. Example: self education expenses, claimed on tax return.

Process and Payment Options

Select Credit Card Repayments, the amount you would like to package and your preferred packaging / payment option.

The amount specified can be an estimate of future expenses, as any unclaimed deductions remaining at the end of your package will be returned to you via your payroll (subject to income tax).


Credit Card Repayments FAQs