Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging Card (Beyond Bank) Salary Packaging Card (Beyond Bank)

Package a handy Beyond Bank Salary Packaging Visa Card to pay for for everyday purchases, if your employer permits the use of this salary packaging card for your general expenses. Funds are credited to the card via salary deductions.

Remunerator has partnered with Beyond Bank Australia (Beyond Bank) Salary Packaging Card to provide our customers with Salary Packaging cards. Beyond Bank offers a Salary Packaging Visa card for everyday purchases as well as a Meal and Entertainment Visa card for dining out or holiday accommodation.

Your new Beyond Bank Salary Packaging Card allows you to make purchases with your pre-tax salary. So there is no more waiting for reimbursements to come through. This makes it even easier for you to save money!


Package Requirements

Why consider using the Beyond Bank Salary Packaging Card?

This General Expense - Salary Packaging card is useful if you do not make a regular payment on something like rent or mortgage but would like an easy option for paying for your other personal and household expenses.

Your nominated deduction up to the threshold (capped) limit can be paid onto the card each pay period. The card may then be used to make payments anywhere that Visa Card is accepted for groceries, petrol, utility expenses and the like.

Any balance on your card at the end of the Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) year will be paid back to you via payroll and taxed at the appropriate rate of PAYG.


Process and Payment Options

  1. Apply online to set up a package with Remunerator. Select your Industry (Charity or PBI hospital only).
  2. Select Salary Packaging Card (Beyond Bank ) and the amount you would like to package.
  3. Remunerator will shortly be in touch with you to finalise your request!


Salary Packaging Card (Beyond Bank) FAQs