Salary Packaging

Benefits of Salary Packaging

Benefits of Salary Packaging

Salary packaging is an alternative way of being paid your annual remuneration, to optimise the take home benefits you receive.  Some of your gross salary is sacrificed in return for non-cash, employer provided benefits.

Typically, employees are paid a gross salary with income tax deducted through payroll, and are left to spend or save the rest.

Compulsory superannuation is a form of salary packaging – total employee remuneration consists of a gross salary and contributions to superannuation.

The idea of salary packaging is to take this one step further and enable employees to vary the breakup of cash salary, and to include other non-cash benefits (beyond superannuation and after tax cash) in their remuneration package.

There are many benefits that you may be able to package, why not calculate your savings by salary packaging the appropriate benefits for your industry.