Novated Leasing

Pay My Rego FAQs


What happens when I submit a request?
Once you have successfully entered information required and submitted you will be provided with a receipt number on the screen. This receipt number will also be emailed to you. Please ensure we have your correct email address.

When will I be notified if additional information is required to process my request?
If we require additional information you will receive a phone call within 24 business hours of submitting your request.

Under what circumstances could my submission be rejected or further information will be requested?

  1. Your scan or photo of your registration / CTP is not clearly showing amounts and ALL reference numbers
  2. Your registration on the scan or photo does not match what we have on record
  3. You are making a claim within 5 days of when the payments are due
  4. You do not have Registration / CTP included as one of your packaged items
  5. We are unable to process a South Australian registration renewal

Will I be notified that my rego has been paid?
Once we have successfully processed your request, you will receive a confirmation email.

When is the latest that I can submit the payment request?
No later than 5 Business days prior to the Registration due date. Any time after that day, you will have to pay it yourself and submit a reimbursement claim for the amount paid.

Are there any other additional costs?
In NSW there is a surcharge payable when making registration payments of 1.54% that will be included in the total sum paid.

What does CTP mean?
CTP is Compulsory Third Party Insurance which is payable separately to the registration in NSW and ACT.

I am from Queensland and I wish to change my nominated CTP provider?
Please note if you are changing the CTP provider we are unable to process your registration payment for that year. We can however process your renewals for future years.