Novated Leasing

Benefits of a Novated Lease

How does novated leasing benefit me?


Financial Savings

You can save on income tax. A novated lease allows you to pay for your new car and running costs with pre-tax income. This can reduce your current taxable income. You will make further savings on the purchase price of the car through Remunerator's buying power. We can source your car and get your amazing prices. If you choose a fuel card with your novated lease, you will have access to discounts from a wide network of tyre and servicing suppliers.



  • Car of your choice: Choose the car that suits your lifestyle, any make or model. We can assist you or you can source it yourself.
  • Flexibile terms: You choose how long you want to keep the vehicle for and set your annual budgets for running costs. If your personal circumstances change, we can adjust your novated lease to suit you.


Ongoing Support

Remunerator provides ongoing support to our customers. Our leasing experts will come travel to you - anywhere in Australia - to have one on one information sessions so that you fully understand the benefits available to you.

Our ongoing customer support centre is available via live chat, phone or email. Contact us here.