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What is a head-up display?

Originally used in fighter jets, head-up displays are finding their way onto more cars’ dashboards. Head-up displays beam a floating image of information, generally your driving speed, onto the windscreen directly in the drivers eyeline view. Generally, these systems are built-in, however there are some aftermarket systems available that can be retrofitted into vehicles.

Why should I consider HUD?

Marketed as a safety feature, they reduce the amount of time the driver takes their eyes off the road. Drivers will no longer need to gaze behind the steering wheel or to the infotainment system. More, collision warnings and other safety notifications can be projected, allowing drivers to react to road hazards quicker, avoiding potential accidents. They can even go as far as highlighting exactly where hazards on the road are, like animals, in a little red box.

You can watch how helpful a head-up display is in the below video.

There’s also the level of convenience a head-up display offers. Driving becomes easier and a more comfortable experience.

How much will it cost?

Can you really place a price on this level of safety? Short answer yes. Head up displays are a premium feature and are priced accordingly, costing around $1500-$2000 depending on what manufacturer you are buying your new car from. It’s rare that this feature will come standard in lower priced models, so it’s more than likely you’ll be adding on the option.

Like all brand-new safety features, we suspect in a few years it will become more standard in cars. We have seen this happen over the years as more and more car buyers choose to include the feature and governments making them compulsory, think the seatbelt and forward collision warning.

Is it worth the investment?

It is not a must have feature, however head-up displays are the future and are worth considering if it is within your budget. They provide an invaluable level of safety and convenience. We can guarantee that once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never be able to go back! It will also help increase the value of your car when you go to sell it as car buyers love this feature.

Great Car Options with Head-Up Displays:

Affordable Models

Premium Models

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